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About Breathwork/Cacao

Breathwork is an active meditation and I focus on conscious connected breathing! It's a healing practice to help cleanse the body from stuck emotions and move energy throughout the body using our breath. I focus on a 3 stage active Breathwork along with other techniques, such as breath holds, in order to help expand our consciousness and dive deeper within as we play with fluctuating our oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.


Benefits from Breathwork:

  • Detoxify your lungs, build capacity and elasticity

  • Reduce stress hormone, cortisol 

  • Balance hormones and increase energy levels

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Lower blood pressure 

  • Improve focus

  • Enter a deep state of relaxation 

Cacao has been used in ceremonies dating back to the Aztecs and Mayans. It's a heart opener, energy booster and I love intertwining it with Breathwork. It contains theobromine, which is a molecule similar to caffeine, but focuses less on the nervous system and more on the heart leaving you energized and grounded. It's also amazing for your health as it contains many anti-oxidants. I make my own superfood blend with cacao coming directly from Peru.

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To heal the body using the "bottom up" approach. We'll be tapping into our limbic system and oxygenating our body throughout, and deepening our mind and body connection. We'll be working with our vagus nerve!


You have the power to reshape and create your story. In addition, you have the choice to wear the glasses you choose, and to allow your perspective and heart to guide you.


Stay tuned for future events, and group ceremonies to bond and support each other!

Snowy Mountain

First Private Breathwork session!

75 min | 125$

"Once you kick the log, the river will start flowing".

Milton Erickson




Cacao Ceremonies

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