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My Story


My name is Greta Ruljevaite and my purpose here is to share my journey with you all. I believe we're all connected, and we're all one. I feel that the beauty of life is the community and relationships we have in order to share our experiences and connect deeper with each other, ourselves and this planet we live in. I'm forever a student, and I choose to share the experiences that have helped me on my journey to feel better. I continue to transition, grow, and step into my true nature. I've discovered tools such as breathwork, yoga, psychedelics, medicine of plants and herbs to support me in my healing. I've stepped further into my creative nature by creating journals to assist you in your journey, photography and writing in order to express myself. I pray that we get a chance to connect and that, you too, enjoy this journey of life.


With sincere gratitude, 

Greta Ruljevaite

Why Llamas?

Llamas are believed to be the spirit of protection - they are a wonderful spirit animal because they are a supportive ally. They represent determination, focus, stamina, and wisdom for the journey ahead. 

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