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Ways To Work With Me

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, or inquiries! I'm here for you!



This is a private breathwork ceremony that lasts for 75 minutes. I'll use a 3 stage active breathwork technique to guide you on your journey with the support of music and instruments. The breathwork will fluctuate your oxygen and carbon dioxide levels to help you experience different levels of consciousness. You'll feel safe and grounded as you begin and embark on your journey. We'll close the ceremony with a short integration to discuss the experience!



This is a private practice that lasts for 60 minutes. Yoga is a beautiful practice to reconnect with your body by using breath and movement. The postures of yoga are just part of the experience as we will move with your breath allowing a connection with the mind, body and spirit to surface.

Christina Pehr, CA

Greta’s class was actually the first breath work class I ever attended. I must say, it was life changing! Ive been doing breath work consistently ever since and have worked with many other guides. Hands down she has made the biggest impact. She is extremely warm and always present. Through her encouragement and guidance she has gotten me to reach new levels of consciousness. I walk out of her classes feeling rejuvenated, euphoric and connected. Please do yourself a favor, let Greta remind you how to breath.

Jeremiah Barnes, CA

Greta brings her amazing full heart into every session and holds space in such a safe unconditional way allowing me to do my work and disarm my resistance to the deep knowing of who I am.

Julia Straszewski, CA

Such a cathartic experience! Greta is such a positive energy, so helpful and kind.
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