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The Story!

I discovered Breathwork in 2019, and I embarked on a journey to continue to explore the most powerful medicine that we all have access to; our breath. Breathwork has allowed me to get into altered states of consciousness that I've only been able to experience through psychedelics. It has helped me reboot my nervous system by allowing me to release stuck energy which caused me physical, emotional and mental suffering. To reconnect with my breath felt like discovering a key that I've been looking for my entire life which helped me learn how to bring my body back to homeostasis and taught me how to regulate my nervous system through regulating my emotions. The most amazing fact about breathwork is that it is a gift available to all life. 

Why Breathwork?

Breathwork will fluctuate your oxygen and carbon dioxide levels to help you achieve altered states of consciousness. It will help reconnect you with your heart space to strengthen your language with your intuition (that gut feeling we all experience that might be hard to discern). It'll allow you to move stagnant energy in your body creating space so you can get more clarity on your purpose. It will open up your third eye so you can better see your true potential and heal through whatever might be holding you back. 

Breathwork Benefits:

-Help reduce cortisol levels, which in excess, cause inflammation in the body. This inflammation will make you more susceptible to disease and illnesses. 

-Lowers blood pressure and increases circulation throughout your body so all your cells can receive oxygen and function at their optimal state. 

-Boosts your immune system and keeps you healthy.

-Promotes the release of toxins from your tissues

-Creates more fluid into your fascia which is your connective tissue holding your internal environment into place allowing your entire body to communicate and function properly.

Above mentioned benefits are only a few of many more benefits of breathwork. This practice will help align you with your true self. 

Christina Pehr, CA

Greta’s class was actually the first breath work class I ever attended. I must say, it was life changing! Ive been doing breath work consistently ever since and have worked with many other guides. Hands down she has made the biggest impact. She is extremely warm and always present. Through her encouragement and guidance she has gotten me to reach new levels of consciousness. I walk out of her classes feeling rejuvenated, euphoric and connected. Please do yourself a favor, let Greta remind you how to breathe.

Jeremiah Barnes, CA

Greta brings her amazing full heart into every session and holds space in such a safe unconditional way allowing me to do my work and disarm my resistance to the deep knowing of who I am.

Chris Russo, CA

Greta’s breath work sessions are very powerful and transformative for me.  Every time I experience her sessions, they are deep and profound. Often times significantly different from one time to another.  She is phenomenal at putting in so much intention, care and love into her breath work that it allows for a very safe and deep experience to unfold.  She puts the same amount of love into curating her music for the session, which is different each time and tailored for what each session calls for.  She is very experienced and does a phenomenal job at explaining the techniques for those that are new to breath work.  If you are looking to try breath work for the first time or to be lead deeper than you’ve previously gone, I highly recommend hiring Greta to guide your breath work sessions.  You’ll feel her love and guidance radiating throughout, and will have the opportunity for a uniquely transformational experience.
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"Your trials did not come to punish you, but to awaken you."

-Paramahansa Yogananda

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