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The Story!

I've completed my 200 HR yoga teacher training in 2021, although I've been embarking on a yogic journey many years before that. 

The yogic lessons have helped me reconnect with my body. Yoga helped me relearn the language of the body so I could support my body by listening to the needs and messages my body had for me. The movement, breath and stillness experienced through yoga has helped slow down my nervous system so I can better focus and navigate my path in life. It has helped me feel part of the universe rather than an individual navigating through the universe. I've gained insight and wisdom through the postures, the teachings and the stillness.

Why Yoga?

Yoga will build strength and flexibility, but more importantly it will help you connect with your body and as a result, yoga will help you connect with your inner state. The teachings of yoga will help you build discipline and actively heal your nervous system so you can better manage your stress responses in this modern day society which can feel overwhelming. 

This practice will help you further connect with your breath and it will support all your cells in your body so you can continue to heal and be healthy in all aspects of your being.


The practice will improve your respiration, vitality and energy so you can better perform in your waking state, the minute you wake up and prepare yourself for the day ahead. 

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