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Greta Ruljevaite


Hello! My name is Greta Ruljevaite and I'm a Breathwork facilitator, I lead cacao ceremonies and I'm a newly yoga teacher! I was born in Lithuania, grew up in Chicago and I have been living in Santa Monica for the past 13 years now! As I continue to grow and evolve, I love nothing more than sharing my  journey so far. I specialize in the mind and body connection and use tools such as music medicine and smells (essential oils and scents) to help guide you through your experience! I spent majority of my life in a state of depression and extreme anxiety. I've dealt with substantial emotional dysregulation that tremendously effected my nervous system. There are so many different modalities and I've found these to be especially healing for me, and perhaps these modalities I offer call out to you. I encourage you to explore!

I'm currently offering private/group breathwork and cacao ceremonies! Stay tuned for yoga and more public workshops to come! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions!


Greta Ruljevaite

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